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Shaykh Karim El Zaben will teach you the basics principles of Aqeedah, based on the text Al-Khareedah Al Bayiha.

Aqeedah 201: Al Khareedah

Al-Khareedah Al-Bahiya, by Imam Ahmad Al-Dardir ( 1127 - 1201 Hijri/ 1786C.E.) 

This text was and still is part of the essential studies in Al-Azhar for containing a lot of benefit in a condensed and brief text. The text covers the essentials of Aqeedah and Tassawuf. 

This course is taught in English for second level beginner students of knowledge.

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Shaykh Karim El Zaben

{Be you masters in that you know the Book, and in that you study} 3:79

After graduating as an Architectural Engineer, Sheikh Karim pursued his studies at the feet of scholars studying both the Hanafi and Shafi’ madhab as well as Islamic theology and tassawuf over the span of two decades. He studied with Dr. Jamal Farouq, Dr. Ali Gomaa, Shekh Abdel-Qadir Shami, Sheikh Naji Rashwan and Sheikh Hamdy in al-Azhar as well as Sheikh Qusay Abu-Saad, Sheikh Marwan el-Kateb and Sheikh Faraz Rabbani in Jordan, and with Sheikh Salik bin Siddina. He Karim graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt and is enrolled in the Dar el-Ifta’, Mufti training program.

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