Location Map of the Barbary Coast

There is no map to trace this week. Go over the Wall Icons that the child has stuck on the World Wall Map so far and see if he/she can remember some of the events and stories. Especially in Mesopotamia, many events took place because it is the first place where people settled. Allow the child to go back and look at the pages of a particular lesson if he/she would like to do so. If there are any crafts or art work that has not been finished, or have been skipped and you would still like to do these, use today for completing anything left. Also, if time allows, you can choose one of the enrichment activities, or additional resources to revisit a topic the child found interesting.

Cut out the Wall Icon and stick it on England.

Optional Map Activity:

Gather all the maps you have traced before of the Fertile Crescent, prophet Nuh (as),Mesopotamia, prophet Ibrahim (as) and prophet Yusuf (as). We will not need the map of Egypt. Place them on top of each other, starting with the first one and ending with the map of Yusuf (as). Clip them together at the top with a paperclip or binder clip. Flip through them one by one and see the major events that happened in this area of the world through time. You can keep these maps clipped together until week 20, where this activity is repeated with the upcoming maps added to the stack.

Early Modern Primary Workbook Location Map of the Barbary Coast.pdf
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