How to Use the Course

Before We Start

The primary lessons are set up to be engaging and fun for primary students. To make this course beneficial for your child, we ask that you prepare the needed materials ahead of time:

  • tracing paper
  • pen, pencils, colored pencils, colored markers, rubber
  • scissors, large paperclips

In addition, there will be materials needed for the activities every week. You can find a complete list of all the materials needed below. The list cover materials for all the activities to be done in this course.

On a weekly basis, please prepare the materials and print the following:

  • weekly activity sheet
  • weekly map

Assemble The Poster

Before the course starts, we need to assemble the poster. Please print the poster sheets, and assemble these according to the instructions. This is an activity that needs assistance from the parent. Instructions are given in the poster section.

Full Material List.pdf
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