Ready to start a track on the 4th of seeking knowledge?

Want to get a solid bases in the deen?

Then this is the course for you!

This is the first part in the track of Tuhfatul Salikeen: a comprehensive track of courses that will give you a solid bases in the different sciences of the deen.
This Aqeedah course is one of several of the track of Tuhfatul Salikeen: a comprehensive set of courses designed to give the student a solid bases in all the sciences.

This course covers the Book of Aqeedah from the book Tuhfat as-Salikeen min Ihya Uloom el-Din written by Shaykh Marwan El Kateb and Shaykh Abdurahman Sha'ar, both teaching courses in Roots as well.

The course will be given in Arabic and will be split up into 3 classes a week with a total of 12 classes.
There will be quizzes to ensure the student has a solid understanding of the subject matter. After successful completion of the course, students will be given a certificate from the Sheikh.

The live classes can only be attended by male students. Female students can watch the recorded lectures and submit their questions in writing. We are working on offering track courses for both male and female attendants.

Course Price

One-Time Fee: $35

12 classes


Your Instructor

Shaykh Marwan El Kateb

Sheikh Marwan has a master’s degree in Islamic theology and philosophy from istac Malaysia and has been teaching students, based on the Azhari methodology, in Jordan for over two decades. He has authored and edited several traditional Islamic books in various sciences and is co-author of Tuhfat el-Salikeen wa Tiryaq el-Muqbileen. Sheikh Marwan el-Kateb has studied with scholars globally, from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Mecca, Yemen, Malaysia, and others. He has been given ijaza’s in Tariq from Sheikh Abdel-Baqi Mufta in Algeria and Sheikh AbdelRahman Sha’ar in Jordan.

If you cannot afford our courses

Lote Tree Learning Roots aims to provide courses for everyone who wishes to study the deen. If you cannot afford one of our courses, please enquire if there are any scholarships available. Send us an email with subject header 'Scholarship Request' to [email protected], specifying which course you would like to take. Include an explanation as to why you are unable to pay the course fee. All students on a scholarship have to maintain a 70% score on all assignments and quizzes, as well as attend all lessons.