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Roots is founded by scholars and teachers from Azhar and features courses taught according to the Azhari methodology. Except for a few, most courses are taught in Arabic, but we are working on creating more courses in English.

We also offer tracks for students to follow. A track is a set of courses designed to be followed in order, so the student can structure their study. Courses within a track can also be taken as a stand alone course.

The Tuhaftul Salikeen track is based upon the book Tuhfat as-Salikeen min Ihya Uloom el-Din written by Shaykh Marwan El Kateb and Shaykh Abdurahman Sha'ar, both teaching courses in Roots.

The book is split up into quarters: Worship, Habits, Destructive Traits and Praiseworthy Traits. Each quarter will have several courses to cover the content. The first courses offered are from the quarter Worship: Aqeedah 101: Tuhfatul Salikeen and Fiqh 101 Fasting: Tuhfatul Salikeen. If you are interested in the track, look for courses that have Tuhfatul Salikeen in the course name. Look HERE for an overview of all courses in the track.

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For information on scholarships, please see below.

Our Instructors

Dr. Jamal Farouq El Daqaq

Master of Qur'an & Aqeedah Sciences

One of the leading scholars of Al-Azhar, Dr Jamal Farouq was the head of the Faculty of Dawah in al-Azhar University. He specializes in the sciences of Aqeedah and all of its branches. Dr Jamal Farouq is considered to be one of top Qur’an scholars in science of Qir’aat. Dr Jamal has authored books, edited, and wrote commentaries on many books in various sciences. He oversees all Aqeedah programs in Lote Tree Roots.

Shaykh Marwan elKateb

Sheikh Marwan has a master’s degree in Islamic theology and philosophy from istac Malaysia and has been teaching students, based on the Azhari methodology, in Jordan for over two decades. He has authored and edited several traditional Islamic books in various sciences and is co-author of Tuhfat el-Salikeen wa Tiryaq el-Muqbileen. Sheikh Marwan el-Kateb has studied with scholars globally, from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Mecca, Yemen, Malaysia, and others. He has been given ijaza’s in Tariq from Sheikh Abdel-Baqi Mufta in Algeria and Sheikh AbdelRahman Sha’ar in Jordan.

Shaykh Naji Rashwan

One of the scholars of al-Azhar, Sheikh Naji has been working as a Mufti in Dar al-Ifta Egypt. since 2005. He has studied Maliki Fiqh in depth with Dr. Taha Rayyan and Shafi’ fiqh with Dr. Ali Gomaa, Sheikh Mohamed Shalabi, and Sheikh Emad Effat. He has ijaza’s in both the Maliki and Shafi madhab, as well as in Quranic recitations and aqeedah studies.

Shaykh Karim EL Zaben

After graduating as an Architectural Engineer, Sheikh Karim pursued his studies at the feet of scholars studying both the Hanafi and Shafi’ madhab as well as Islamic theology and tassawuf over the span of two decades. He studied with Dr. Jamal Farouq, Dr. Ali Gomaa, Shekh Abdel-Qadir Shami, Sheikh Naji Rashwan and Sheikh Hamdy in al-Azhar as well as Sheikh Qusay Abu-Saad, Sheikh Marwan el-Kateb and Sheikh Faraz Rabbani in Jordan, and with Sheikh Salik bin Siddina. He Karim graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt and is enrolled in the Dar el-Ifta’, Mufti training program.

Shaykh Abdelrahman Sha'ar

Sheikh Abdel-Rahman Sha’ar is a Syria scholar that graduated from Fateh al-Islami Institute in Syria. He had studied with a number of leading scholars such as Sheikh AbdelRazaq Al-Halabi, Sheikh Khalil al-Sabagh, and Sheikh Osama el-Rifai. He also spent ten years studying with Sheikh Mohamed Jumuah many various sciences including Hanafi Fiqh. Sheikh Abdel-Rahman studied with Sheikh Mohamed Shuqayr several different books in Tassawuf, Hadith, and nahw . Sheikh Abdel-Rahman studied the sciences of Tassawuf with Sheikh Abdel-Rahman el-Shaghouri. He later continued with Sheikh Mohamed Amin el-Farouqi and Sheikh Abdel-Baqi Muftah, who authorized him as a Sheikh in tassawuf himself. He has authored several books and has written many commentaries on other works.

Shaykh Muhammad AbdaAllah al-Muhammady

He currently serves on the board of teachers in Al-Azhar University as well as works in Dar al-Ifta Egypt. He hold a bachelors degree from Al-Azhar’s Dawah college and another degree from Al-Azhar’s Shariah College. He received his PhD in Dawah. He is certified to teach by various scholars in Egypt in a variety of sciences. He will teach Arabic, Hadith Terminology and Maliki Fiqh.

Scholarships Available

For students that cannot afford taking our courses, but really would love to, we have scholarships available. Please contact us at [email protected]. Write 'scholarship' in the subject.


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