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Shaykh Abdelrahman Sha'ar

Sheikh Abdel-Rahman Sha’ar is a Syria scholar that graduated from Fateh al-Islami Institute in Syria. He had studied with a number of leading scholars such as Sheikh AbdelRazaq Al-Halabi, Sheikh Khalil al-Sabagh, and Sheikh Osama el-Rifai. He also spent ten years studying with Sheikh Mohamed Jumuah many various sciences including Hanafi Fiqh. 

Sheikh Abdel-Rahman studied with Sheikh Mohamed Shuqayr several different books in Tassawuf, Hadith, and nahw . 

Sheikh Abdel-Rahman studied the sciences of Tassawuf with Sheikh Abdel-Rahman el-Shaghouri. He later continued with Sheikh Mohamed Amin el-Farouqi and Sheikh Abdel-Baqi Muftah, who authorized him as a Sheikh in tassawuf himself.

He has authored several books and has written many commentaries on other works. 

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Twice a week

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  Welcome! - أهلا بك
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Available in days
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