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Below you will find an overview of the track of Tuhfatul Salikeen.

This track covers the book Tuhfat as-Salikeen min Ihya Uloom el-Din written by Shaykh Marwan El Kateb and Shaykh Abdurahman Sha'ar, both teaching courses in Roots.

The book is split up into quarters: Worship, Habits, Destructive Traits and Praiseworthy Traits. Each quarter will have several courses to cover the content. The first courses offered are from the quarter Worship: Aqeedah 101: Tuhfatul Salikeen and Fiqh 101 Fasting: Tuhfatul Salikeen. If you are interested in the track, look for courses that have Tuhfatul Salikeen in the course name.

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Your Instructor

Shaykh Marwan El Kateb

Sheikh Marwan has a master’s degree in Islamic theology and philosophy from istac Malaysia and has been teaching students, based on the Azhari methodology, in Jordan for over two decades. He has authored and edited several traditional Islamic books in various sciences and is co-author of Tuhfat el-Salikeen wa Tiryaq el-Muqbileen. Sheikh Marwan el-Kateb has studied with scholars globally, from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Mecca, Yemen, Malaysia, and others. He has been given ijaza’s in Tariq from Sheikh Abdel-Baqi Mufta in Algeria and Sheikh AbdelRahman Sha’ar in Jordan.

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